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Business Valuations

We cover all areas related to business and tangible and intangible asset valuations.

 Our business valuation practice is built upon the use of traditional valuation methods plus the practical experience of being in the marketplace every day and having worked on hundreds if not thousands of transactions.

Our clients seek our valuation expertise for many different purposes. Business owners who are contemplating the sale of their company need to know what to expect from buyers. The in-depth analysis provided by the valuation can also uncover hidden opportunities to increase value prior to a sale. Valuations are a critical component of a business owner’s personal financial and estate planning efforts.

Without a reliable estimate of the value of a business, the assumptions and strategies used in planning for the future may not be accurate. For our clients seeking an acquisition,

 undertaking a valuation of the target company is a necessity before developing a purchase proposal.

Our business valuation practice is centered around Mr. Richard Evans providing our clients with a defensible valuation, supported by varying levels of reports.

Being based in the Vancouver area, we traditionally encounter a large number of technology, cannabis/medical, health sciences and natural resources companies.

Mr. Evans has worked with firms in all stages of commercial development (i.e., from concept, start-up, development, revenue generating, well-established and sunset) and almost all stages of financing (i.e., angel, seed, first round private equity, bridge, mezzanine, RTO, reverse merger and IPO) in North and South America, Europe, Asia and India.

We have performed valuation assessments in a wide variety of industries, including:


  • Early Stage, Venture-Backed Companies and Industries
  • Information Technology, Software / Hardware / Firmware
  • Cannabis and CBD
  • Healthcare, Healthcare Services, Medical Devices
  • Electronics, Semiconductor Equipment, Mobile Communications
  • Biotechnology / Nanotechnology

We endeavor at all times to provide unbiased, and reasonable valuation reports for all of our engagements. We believe in following proven financial and valuation techniques as a standard practice and strive to achieve the highest levels of professionalism in our work.

We take the following steps to complete your business valuation:

Valuation Objective

Determine the purpose for the valuation and clients requests/restrictions

Understand Expectations

Meet with you to develop a clear understanding regarding expectations and deliverables. This includes understanding your views and how you formulate your opinion and estimate as to the business’ value and outline common business valuation methods, techniques.

Valuation Objective

Outline how RwE undertakes the valuation and the methods and procedures conducted.

Collect & Analyse Data

Collect and analyze the following company-specific data:

Company background

Products and services

Marketing and distribution





Future expectations

Review industry and economic trends

Analyze and apply appropriate business valuation methods

Prepare agreed-upon deliverables

Meet with you to review the valuation

Prepare Report

Prepare the draft report and then review with client and review conclusions / assessments.