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Assurance Services

Advising and Assisting Private & Public Companies with their Important Financial Transactions


Our experienced team provides a full range of Assurance services.

RwE’s assurance services focus on advising and assisting public companies, privately-owned businesses and financial sponsors in equity/debt transactions as well as in mergers and acquisitions.

With access to an experienced international team of advisors and associates, we are well equipped to assist clients in transactions ranging from controlled auctions and broad marketed buy-outs to one-on-one situations with an emphasis on confidentiality. Our considerable experience and constant contact with the global markets enable us to efficiently analyze clients’ strategies with innovative market-oriented advice.

We work with clients to:

  • Understand the objectives of their acquisition or divestment strategy (or can assist with the development of the strategy)
  • Establish acquisition or divestment criteria and identify potential candidates
  • Initiate discussions and obtain information
  • Carry out tactical and strategic business plans
  • Assist in budgetary analysis


  • Assist in MD&A discussion and analysis
  • Model and analyze financial statements and projections
  • Advise on fair market value and also on future potential value
  • Analyze structure and terms
  • Undertake due diligence investigations
  • Analyze the merger, acquisition or divesture process (including the raising of finance where required)

Through our strong links to various public, private and M&A networks we are experienced in vetting deals for clients. Our awareness of the trends and issues within the global economy allows us to assess clients’ businesses.  Drawing on our global experience and expertise, we support our strategic recommendations with a review and ranking of the client’s strategic alternatives. This can include case studies of comparable situations to give the client practical insights into what has, and has not, worked in the past in their own industry sector.

We can provide assurance services around:

  • A company’s strategic and business objectives and plans
  • Equity funding reviews
  • Debt and debt type instruments
  • Corporate structure
  • Joint ventures and alliances

Our financial experience lends itself well to the review of forecasting models of various types. We review and analyze models using input from clients and we cover a wide range of topics.

We cover a wide range of topics that include: 

  • Cash flow reports and operating metrics
  • Multi-scenario models
  • ESOP models
  • Buyout models
  • Company specific revenue, cost and forecasting assessments
  • Acquisition feasibility
  • Corporate Spin-offs and Split-offs
  • Company specific forecasting assumptions

We work in long-term relationships with cooperatives and companies operating in the technology, financial services, health sciences, cannabis/medical and other marketplaces. Our clients benefit from our specialized subject matter expertise and our understanding of the specific value drivers of their business and industry, in both a local and global context.