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Capital Markets

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Capital Market Advisory

We advise our clients on capital formation.

When raising capital to start or grow your business is at stake, the experience of RwE can make all the difference. We advise our clients on capital formation and assist them to understand the fundamental requirements of raising capital.

We develop realistic strategies for our clients on defining their capital structure – i.e., the balance between debt and equity. We have represented start-ups, emerging-growth companies; mature companies and angel investors.

We are not a dealer broker or licensed exempt market dealer; instead, we work with this parties and support our clients along the way.  We would with licensed parties also to ensure we follow all securities regulations.


Our areas of experience include:

Public Offerings (RTOs, IPOs, CPCs, PIPEs, SPACs, etc.)

Access to public capital markets is always important, but it is very complex. Public markets allow for access to a group of diverse investors and capital parties that require attention to detail as well as to the “big picture”.  

RwE can provide you crucial help in working with lawyers, accountants and investment bankers. Whether you are seeking to do a transaction with a Canadian-based Capital Pool Corporation on the TSX-V Exchange or a listing on another exchange, let us help you organize and manage such a listing and work with the brokerage firms. After all, RwE has worked with hundreds of private and public companies doing public financings.

Private Placements

An entrepreneur’s introduction to capital structuring decisions often occurs at the time when the early stage business first requires outside capital, perhaps before the business is an attractive candidate for venture capital or other institutional investors. RwE has put together and advised such businesses along with investors in the intricate capital structuring decisions this entails, and have guided these companies through the complex tangle of doing such transactions. Whether assisting in the negotiation of the financing or assisting on a Private Placement in Public Equity (“PIPE”), RwE has years of experience to help our clients fund their businesses.

Private Equity or Venture Capital

Private equity and venture capital has played a crucial role in the development of the health sciences, technology and growth industries and requires specialized knowledge and expertise.

We work with various private equity and venture capital investors and issuers every step of the way. We have assisted start-up companies seeking venture capital funding and established firms with private equity providers and have introduced our private equity and venture capital contacts to the companies we have represented and partnered with.

That early relationship building process has grown into a comprehensive effort to help both start-up and established companies seeking funding and private equity and venture capital funds seeking profitable new investments.