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Corporate Finance Advisory Services

Advisory on Strategic Investments

Making investments in companies is one of the most complex and difficult things to do.

In that regard, RwE is ideally suited to evaluate and advise which potential strategic investors might be interested in your business.  We have relationships with hundreds of firms – many of which are always looking out for strategic acquisitions.

Our mission is to provide advice for clients where such strategic buyers can see a realistic plan to grow and generate excellent profits through a strategic purchase or investment.

Over the past almost twenty-five years, RwE has been proud to find strategic buyers for clients across a number of industry sector.

Our on-going relationships include individual angel investors, venture capital partners, as well as Canadian and U.S brokerage groups.

One of our underlying objectives is to generate interest to strategic buyers of our clients.

We have developed and refined a sound strategic buyer criteria method – that enables us to identify potential strategic buyers for our clients, where possible.

We believe in a hands-on approach and being very direct and honest to strategic buyers and our clients so as to quickly determine whether there is a possible acquisition fit or not.

In the end, we have helped advise successful companies and want to see if we can help you.