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About Us

Corporate Profile

RwE Growth Partners Inc.

RwE Growth Partners, Inc. is a specialized group of seasoned professionals providing strategic and tactical assurance and advisory financial services to firms in a variety of industries. Our singular goal is to expand on advancing our clients’ requests and objectives through sincere, expert advice and personalized service.

Richard W. Evans – the principal of RwE – is actively involved in the mid- and microcap companies in many industries as well as in his local community as a volunteer and good local citizen.

The Company has many man-years of actual business, management and executive experience. 

RwE was formed in 2008 to assist clients in growing their businesses – with a focus on advisory and assurance services.  We strive to help business leaders and entrepreneurs who are pursuing various business projects.

The focus of RwE’s assurance services are business valuations, fairness opinions, purchase price allocation reports and impairment testing reports.  This is coupled with the preparation of National Instrument 41-101 type business plans and different types of market/nosiness studies.

Our advisory services are centered around providing more market-driven strategic business planning, market intelligence, and research reports. In selective situations, where we will provide a variety of strategic advice on accessing opportunities in the private and public capital markets.

We are seeking to assist companies and business leaders in North and South America, Asia/India as well as Europe that need financial and intellectual capital to grow their business. We work with leading accounting and investment banking organizations to provide solutions to our clients and a bridge for them to have true end-to-end solutions.

If you need senior strategic assurance or advisory advice RwE can help to assist business leaders and companies to move forward and separate their firm above the crowd.

Decades of Experience

Our Senior Professionals have decades of combined experience in driving the portfolio value at the stages of acquisition, development and operations. The Management Team is fully committed and have invested over 85% of the capital in the Company as at the RTO Date.

Meet Richard Evans


Value-driven & Responsible

As global markets and industry landscapes continue to change, it is our constant set of core values that allow us to maintain consistency and accountability in all of our decision making. Our moral and personal values are the foundation from which RwE strives to turn your vision into a reality.

Integrity and Honesty

In all things, in all actions. We demand it of ourselves and those we work with, as seen in our commitment to reasonable valuation services, corporate governance advice and compliance and in our Codes of Conduct. We are proud of the integrity and honesty with which we conduct business.

Commitment to Excellence

We constantly strive to achieve excellence in all things, to bring out the best in ourselves and in each other. We recognize that by always aiming for excellence we continually add value for our clients and achieve results we can be proud of.

Innovation & Creativity

We pride ourselves on the efforts we undertake to find the most effective solutions for our clients. To that end, we are serious about creating an inclusive environment where open communication allows new insights and new ways of looking at problems. This is one way we can help to provide our clients with a competitive advantage.


We take teamwork very seriously. It is by supporting our colleagues, and leveraging our collective strengths that we achieve the high standards of client service upon which our reputation is based.


We treat our team members, clients, business partners and other stakeholders with respect and sensitivity. Quite simply we see treating others as we would like to be treated, as fundamental to our culture of client service and cooperation.