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This letter is in reference to Richard W. Evans:

.... "Overall, he gave us advice on corporate and management matters that we found very useful in finding, examining and (ourselves ultimately) selecting the best alternative for Tapestry. We highly recommend working with him, as he is capable and able to find real alternatives, to analyze what one has, to package the company (regarding business plan and valuation) and to assist in negotiations. He is a relentless and professional hard worker".

Please feel free to call me directly should you need more information or background.

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Other Client Testimonials

  • Vancouver Film School

“Rich’s valuation work has been invaluable to us.”

    R. Appleby, Co-Owner/Co-Founder

  • eMDI (acquired by Itron)

“Rich did a great job in helping us get our M&A transaction done.”

    M. Jones, CEO

  • Hutton Capital Corp.

“Richard can crunch a lot of numbers, understands problems and issues and get reports generated quickly and professionally”

J. Hutton, CEO/Founder

  • Ableauctions.com Inc.

“Richard and his firm does a professional job – on-time and on-budget”

A. Ladha, CEO/Director

  • Triumph Group

“Richard and his group just get the job done, right and professional”

P. Nerland, Principal

  • ACL – Chemicals

“Rich and Brian know how to put a real business plan together, the valuation, etc. They were instrumental in us getting the business sold.”

J. Wilson, Owner/Founder

  • Executive Inn

“Richard has always been helpful for us whether it be valuation of business planning, etc.”

H. Mawji, CFO

  • Exan Technologies

“We have always relied on the work Rich Evans has done for us”

T. DeVries, CEO

  • Las Vegas from Home

“Rich has always been very professional and responsive to us on all valuation, M&A and public company work”.

J. Kalpakian, CEO/Founder



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