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RwE frequently partners with other consultants, lawyers, accountants or advisors to achieve a common purpose or undertake a specific task and to share responsibilities, resources, and competencies when needed. RwE believes that meaningful partnerships are the foundation for success. Partnerships is what enables many companies to make continuous improvements by sharing and directing resources and capabilities to projects considered most important. By focusing the firm's resources on what we do best and tap into the resources of others for the rest we are able to create a sustainable competitive advantage and provide our clients with the best possible solutions based on their needs.

RwE has established strategic partnerships or joint venture relationships with the following entities:

• Genesis Capital Partners, Inc.
• Concentric Capital Partners, Inc.



About the Firm:

RwE Growth Partners, Inc. is a specialized group of seasoned professionals providing strategic and tactical assurance and advisory financial services, as well as capital, to firms in a select set of industries. We focus on “helping companies grow” by first understanding your current and projected needs and finding practical business and financial solutions.

If you need investment banking (capital, strategic Investment, M&A etc.) or assurance services (business valuation, fairness opinion etc) we can assist you to move forward and separate your firm from the crowd.

  RwE Growth Partners Inc.
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