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Our Litigation Support practice overlaps our valuation practice in that some of our valuation engagements are driven by some form of litigation. Additionally, we can provide a breadth of services in support of the legal community in such areas as:

  • Calculation of Economic Damages
  • Calculation of Lost Profits
  • Royalty Claims
  • Valuation of intangibles such as non-compete agreements and employment contracts
  • Business interruption issues

Since most litigation matters consist of unique variables and circumstances, we tailor our analysis and reports for every engagement, and expect that our work product will hold up to rigorous scrutiny, whether we have been hired by plaintiff, defendant, or jointly by the court.

Many courts have addressed what should be expected of expert witnesses, their testimony, their conduct, and how to deal with evidence rendered by expert witnesses. But many firms, if not most, still encounter the precedents established under old rules and procedures, “experts” who may be expert in a topic but not necessarily the topic of their testimony, and courts that confuse (or are confused) by controversies concerning expert witnesses and the evidence they provide.

There are proverbial arguments over whether valuation expertise is an art or a science. We believe both are necessary and have organized our practice around scientific principles, highly skilled individuals, and the art of tying them together within the legal environment.

The focus of our Litigation Support practice is on family court cases and commercial litigation.

Our perspective of Litigation Support is that there is first a real dispute. This creates a dispute analysis that normally occurs in the early stages of legal proceedings or when the potential for controversy is high. The function of dispute analysis is to examine case issues, develop a sound posture regarding the issues, and assist the client in preparing decisions as to alternative courses of action. Design of a litigation support program, which also consists of elements of dispute analysis described above, is the direct result of communication with the client and/or legal counsel.

Our services as litigation consultants are typically protected by privilege since we are not named as expert witnesses in such situations. In our role as litigation consultants, we assist counsel in identifying key issues, developing case strategies, and recommending experts and expert teams. We also analyze and review relevant documents and technical materials; review deposition and trial testimony; investigate the history of opposing witnesses, including prior testimony and writings; assist in the preparation of lines of questioning and cross examination; perform literature searches and other research. In rendering such services, we recognize that the complexities of real estate merge with differences among lawyer views and practices and the circumstances of particular case issues.


About the Firm:

RwE Growth Partners, Inc. is a specialized group of seasoned professionals providing strategic and tactical assurance and advisory financial services, as well as capital, to firms in a select set of industries. We focus on “helping companies grow” by first understanding your current and projected needs and finding practical business and financial solutions.

If you need investment banking (capital, strategic Investment, M&A etc.) or assurance services (business valuation, fairness opinion etc) we can assist you to move forward and separate your firm from the crowd.

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