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We believe that our investment banking services can meet the challenges of the future through a number of effective strategies:

Offer Top-Notch Capital Advisory Services at Fixed Prices - All of our investment banking services are provided at fixed prices. This provides you cost certainty and the ability to plan out your projects.

Focus on Micro-Cap and Middle Markets - We know our strengths and we focus there. The micro-cap and middle market have been serviced by our professionals for the last twenty-five years – so we know the issues and opportunities companies face in these sectors.

Emerging Markets - We have been working in China, India, Southeast Asia, the Middle East and South America. There are many reasons why traditional banking firms are not effective in breaking into global markets and why we are well positioned to better service you; i.e., the firms in such emerging economies which truly have high growth potential.

Our long-term relationships with established broker/dealers, our experience assisting our finance partners in underwriting taxable and tax-exempt financing, and the extensive support that our knowledgeable professionals provide provides you great value. We value long-term relationships and work closely with you, helping you achieve your financial goals. We can arrange, assist in and participate in the following types of transactions:

  • IPOs and RTOs and Reverse-Mergers Management Buy-outs and Buy-ins; Expansion or Acquisition Capital; Replacement Capital; Introduction and/or Funding; and
  • De-listings and Alternative Underwritings.

We have the flexibility to advise and structure a variety of financial instruments in your investments, including different classes of ordinary shares, preference shares, debentures, junior or mezzanine loans and various derivative products. Our professionals work closely with investee management teams/ co-shareholders to determine the requirements of the transaction. Key Differentiators

Flexible investment mandate
Unlike some large advisory firms we have no conflicts of interest and have the advantage of not being bound by 3rd party fund acquisition and disposal time horizon pressures. Instead, we advise our clients and their possible investors to examine projects and entities such that they should occur as and when quality investments are found that adhere to the investment principles of: (1) partnership; (2) value creation, and; (3) uncompromising moral and ethical standards.

Track record
Our professionals have a well-established track record of advising on successful transaction and in helping our clients and investors create value in a wide range of businesses. Our team comprises a number of professionals who take on non-executive roles within the investee companies, assisting in enhancing value in those businesses.

We provide 24/7 support. You can contract our team of professionals whenever you need them. With the support of our team you are perfectly placed to leverage off our extensive expertise and resources for the well being and benefit of your firm.


About the Firm:

RwE Growth Partners, Inc. is a specialized group of seasoned professionals providing strategic and tactical assurance and advisory financial services, as well as capital, to firms in a select set of industries. We focus on “helping companies grow” by first understanding your current and projected needs and finding practical business and financial solutions.

If you need investment banking (capital, strategic Investment, M&A etc.) or assurance services (business valuation, fairness opinion etc) we can assist you to move forward and separate your firm from the crowd.

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