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Our leading Subject Matter Expert for this industry is Mr. Dean Haley.

Clean Technology is an umbrella term that refers to any source of usable energy intended to replace fuel sources without the undesired consequences of the replaced fuels.

Typically, official uses of the term, such as qualification for governmental incentives, exclude fossil fuels and nuclear energy whose undesired consequences are climate change and difficulties of radioactive waste disposal. Over the years, the nature of what was regarded Clean Technology sources has changed considerably, and today because of the variety of energy choices and differing goals of their advocates, defining some energy types as "alternative" is highly controversial.

The term "alternative" presupposes a set of undesirable energy technologies against which "alternative energies" are opposed. As such, the list of energy technologies excluded is an indicator of what problems that the alternative technologies are intended to address. Controversies regarding dominant forms of energy and their alternatives have a long history.

Our professionals have worked extensively with Clean Technology solutions, technologies and companies. We can quickly assess and determine the type of system or solution you have built and assess key characteristics, ideas and value drivers.

It is fair to say that most people continue to equate the terms "alternative" and "energy" with expensive, unreliable and plain unpractical. This naturally leads a majority of people to view Clean Technology investing as a high-risk play on some unproven technology with an uncertain probability of success.
This is a perception some experts have tried to dispel on several occasions, whether one was talking about blue chip Clean Technology stocks, dividend Clean Technology stocks or utility Clean Technology stocks.

We are always interested in finding high-growth companies bringing innovative cleantech solutions to a broad range of sectors, including energy, water, materials, and manufacturing.

Cleantech is a term used to describe knowledge-based products or services that improve operational performance, productivity, or efficiency while reducing costs, inputs, energy consumption, waste, or pollution. Its origin is the increased consumer, regulatory and industry interest in clean forms of energy generation—specifically, perhaps, the rise in awareness of global warming and the impact on the natural environment from the burning of fossil fuels. The term cleantech is often associated with venture capital funds.


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